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Your concerns are my concerns

Over summer, a number of local residents kindly took the time to tell me what they are concerned about in our Hawkesbury community.

The key themes that kept coming up include:

- Widespread concern about over and inappropriate property development

- Neglect of necessary infrastructure to support a connected and healthy community

- Absence of effective representation of the Hawkesbury at state parliament

- Insufficient emergency and health services in the area, specifically on the western side of the river

- A strong desire to maintain the rural and peri-urban quality of the district

If you would like to tell me what concerns you, please complete the survey HERE:

As a local, community independent, my sole political purpose is to take the electorate’s concerns and issues to those in power and create positive change. These concerns are my concerns and matters I will advocate on behalf of the Hawkesbury.

Over the coming weeks, I will share some of the direct comments I have received and seek your input on how we might tackle them as a community.



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