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Stuff up or conspiracy? 70% increase in the Hawkesbury's population by 2053?

In an article shared by Councillor Danielle Wheeler today, Sydney Water appears to have said the quiet part out loud: '... the population growth in the Richmond and Upper Hawkesbury area is projected to increase by 70% over the next 30 years.' I will always back a stuff up over a conspiracy, but with other recent announcements, you've got to wonder if something else is afoot:

  • the drive to increase the Warragamba Dam wall in a decade that does nothing to help residents deal with flooding today

  • the lack of consultation and departmental push to finalise the North Richmond bridge development in the absence of vital information

  • removal of the views and vistas as considerations in Council's development rules

  • the cash splash on social infrastructure that has been desperately needed for years and suddenly materialises

Following is a small sample of what local residents have told me about their concerns in my survey for our community:

"Planning and development are only important to get it right, infrastructure before development and retaining what is important to the Hawkesbury landscape." "Too much overdevelopment in the Hawkesbury with no increased road infrastructure."

"I don’t want the beautiful Hawkesbury area to be turned into an area of surburbia losing its beautiful vistas and agricultural heritage."

Send a message on 25 March - vote for me, Angela Maguire, your local, community-based independent who will stand up to dodgy agendas and do her absolute best everytime for her hometown.

As I wrote in my last newsletter, we need politicians who are truly independent of developers. We need an overhaul of our planning instruments that restores faith in the system, is responsive to climate change and protects our open spaces and food production areas for future generations.

My promise as your state local community independent candidate is to:

  • Demand transparency and accountability on all development decisions

  • Review planning laws to ensure they are fit for purpose

  • Insist on infrastructure before houses



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