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Preferences, preferences, preferences ...

NSW has an optional preferential voting system. That means, you are not required to number every box on the ballot. As long as you place the number 1 in at least one box, it is a valid vote.

I am not recommending any preferences. As informed and engaged voters, I assume you will all make up your own mind as to where you would like your vote to be placed after voting number 1 for me.

I do strongly encourage all voters to vote the whole way down the ballot. It's important for the democratic process and for keeping your vote 'going'.

It's really important to clarify that candidates have absolutely ZERO ability to allocate your votes. You choose who you vote for. Once you complete your ballot, that’s it. There is no divvying up of ‘leftover’ votes by candidates at the end of the count - the electoral commission and its officers only allocate votes according to what is written on the ballot by voters.



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